Phanos N Epiphaniou

Phanos N. Epiphaniou Public Ltd is one of the largest trading companies in Cyprus supplying the construction and manufacturing industries.

Founded in Famagusta during the 1950s by our present Managing Director, Phanos Epiphaniou, the name EPIPHANIOU is synonymous with the construction industry. Architects, engineers, contractors, builders, plumbers, farmers, gardeners, housewives and their husbands, they all know us for one thing or another.

Company Information
Year of Establishment 1950
Directors Phanos N. Epiphaniou

Phanos N Epiphaniou Nicosia

Address Details #1

Street Address

21 Markou Drakou, Nicosia ,Cyprus
P.O. Box: 29078
P.O. Box Postal Code: 1621


info [ at ]
+357 22 793 333
+357 22 431 534